My name is Marlana Wilson. I am from Louisiana. I am a young entrepreneur. I have always wanted to start my own business. I had no idea or knowledge on how to start/manage a business. All I knew was that I wanted to be a light in this world. I knew that I loved to help others and that’s what I’m doing. I took a leap of faith, trusted God and just started. My collection started out of my room, in my grandmother’s house. The growth oil was created because I had been struggling with stunt growth. I couldn’t grow my hair out passed my shoulder. Nothing was working or growing my hair. So, I decided to cut all of my hair off and create an oil mixture that would stimulate my follicles, which would promote hair growth. It took a while to perfect. However, my hair started to grow rapidly. I told myself I didn’t just want to use my creation on myself but to make it available for everyone. I wanted to help a million others who struggled to grow their hair out like I did. I’m currently working on other hair growth products. Products that actually target the issue and resolves it. As my business expands, I will add more to the collection.